Experience as a Main Contractor and the discipline of being a Project Manager allows BES to offer a more hands-on Construction Management Service to deliver a project and to accept an increased share of risk.

  • BES is an International Project Management Company.
  • On behalf of clients, BES manages the competing trilogy of TIME + QUALITY + VALUE.
  • BES has vertically integrated their Project Management Services by establishing specialist support skills underserved or underperforming in the market.
  • Coupled with Manpower and Consultancy, BES can offer a client as much or as little resources as required – from supplying a single QS or CAD operator through a full Construction Management Service including specialist trades in MEP, ID and full procurement management.


BES worked with Napis in Bangkok to deliver the refurbishment of Hyatt Erawan and Sheraton Grande and the rooms in the new W, Muse and Holiday Inn 22.

The majority of this experienced workforce were Myanmar and they look forward to returning to be part of the construction boom in their home country.


Modular construction uses pre-engineered volumetric units that are installed on site as fitted-out and serviced ‘building blocks’. The use of modular construction is directly influenced by the client’s requirements for speed of construction, quality, added benefits of economy of scale, as well as single point procurement.

There is a growing demand for the construction industry to provide better value by improved quality and performance. This approach demands a culture of co-operation and greater innovation in procurement, design and construction.

BES is at the forefront of this increasingly important building methodology with extensive experience.


BES Manufacturing brings together BES Modular Solutions an EGGROCK THAILAND. Both bring traditional construction methods from the site to a factory environment to produce pre-engineered volumetric units that can be installed completely on site, coupled with cutting-edge R&D.