Initially, as with all emerging economies, land prices in Myanmar were exorbitant and unsustainable. As the market has corrected BES has been able to secure leases on land and buildings suitable for development. We have 3 projects showing long-term potential and sustainable profit.

BES believes the property market in Myanmar will soften further with stricter banking regulations making the practice of unsecured loans unacceptable. BES can assist investors to take advantage of these opportunities and can offer JV partnership, design services and construction assistance.

Property Development: Lakeview Offices – Kan Daw Gyi Lake (Yangon)

Project Description Design and Construct complete building except structure
Property objective High-grade office floors, rooftop hospitality
Cost of Total Project $2,100,000

 Property Development: Ned Kelly (Mandalay)

Project Description Design and Renovate complete building except structure
Property objective Boutique hostel with ground floor restaurant and rooftop bar
Cost of Total Project $750,000



Property Development: Chicken Kitchen – Ned Kelly ( Mandalay)

Project Description Interior Design and Construct
Building Structural Type Existing Building Renovation
Cost of Total Project $20,000